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Energy Procurement

Customized solutions.

Energy Management

Strategic planning.

Renewable Solutions

Solar, batteries, and many more.

Who is Energy Auction House

Energy Auction House aims to provide the lowest possible energy pricing to end users with complete transparency. This transparency gives our customers complete confidence that they are getting the best price and terms available in the market from a reputable supplier. For the suppliers, this transparency allows them the opportunity to be more competitive in the marketplace and win more business. Our partners also benefit. The transparency will solidify their customers’ trust in their ability to provide the most favorable contracts. The platform also allows our partners to access the most advances new technology in the industry for obtaining competitive supplier offers.

Where we serve

Energy Auction House currently serves in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Illinoise, Texas, and California.


Natural Gas


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“No drama, no excuses, no prolonged issues. . . If I ever have a question, my “rep” gets back to me quickly. . . this has been just so easy and non-intrusive, what else could anyone ask for EAH made it so easy, I switched my home account too. So, for me, Energy Auction House is a ‘high recommend’.”

Devin WitterFirst Property Management

“Extremely professional, straight forward and honest!”

David PinaPina Sanitation

“Easy process; Miriam, (the sales rep) was the best. Easy transfer when signing up.”

Steve WardCape Dairy Hood Milk

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